Exhibition “Wildlife Conservation in Namibia” turns out to be success


Exhibition “Wildlife Conservation in Namibia” turns out to be success

Last week, we could see the world of Namibia’s wildlife through the eyes of scientists, conservationists and artists at the TOSCO Art Exhibition called “Wildlife Conservation in Namibia”. Pack Safari is a proud TOSCO member and therefore actively helped in establishing this event, as it is of great importance to us that our precious nature and wildlife is well looked after.

The exhibition existed of a wide variety of arts, from paintings and photographs to ceramics and sculptures, but all inspired by one thing: Namibia’s magnificent wildlife. The aim was twofold: raising awareness and collect funds for conservation.Visitors could learn about the threats to wildlife, and what they can do to help conserve it. The exhibition also informed people what is already being done to mitigate human wildlife conflicts. Part of this was the often forgotten or misunderstood perspective of the local community on the issue, as it can be a challenge to live with wildlife and sacrifices often have to be made. For each piece of art that is sold, revenues will support a conservation project chosen by the artist itself, including CCF, Desert Lion Foundation and Save the Rhino Trust. 

The exhibition can be called a success: from ministers, diplomats, local authorities and TOSCO members at the opening of the exhibition, to school children from Katutura at the ELOOLO garden workshop, and many local Namibians who came to the outdoor cinema and craft market. 

Arts can still be bought – contact TOSCO for more information at com@tosco.org.