Guiding to Excellence Breakfast


Guiding to Excellence Breakfast

By Stefan Rust

Guiding to Excellence Breakfast

Pack Safari recently launched a new project in the aspect of active guiding skills development, called “Guiding to Excellence Breakfast”. The Project has started at the beginning of July 2017 and will last until the end of July 2017.

Guiding to Excellence Breakfast 1                                           Pack Safari gets awarded for turning bird-friendly 2

Some of the participants exchanging experiences during a relaxed breakfast atmosphere, generously sponsored by Pack Safari, in the bird friendly garden

The project aims to arouse interest in the tourist guide profession, train guides and at the same time provide an opportunity to exchange ideas. In that regard the project will organize a serial of training sessions, arranged for the next four consecutive Fridays each lasting about one hour. On each Friday different aspects will be delivered by the Safari Logistics, Sustainability and Development Project Manager from Pack Safari, Mr. Stefan Rust, who is also an experienced tour guide since about ten years. In order to lend this project a more relaxed atmosphere it takes place in the bird-friendly garden at the Pack Safari head office combined with a light breakfast.
All interested people (regardless of gender, experienced or beginner guides) are invited to join on as many Fridays as you can. Please make a reservation, because breakfast needs to be arranged accordingly.

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