Pack Safari keeps children warm


Pack Safari keeps children warm

By Stefan Rust

Pack Safari keeps children warm 1

On the initiative of the travel company Pack Safari, a garment collection took place for the Ngatuve Vatere Orphanage sponsored by Pack Safari in Kalkfeld, Namibia. Pack Safari, with an indication of the upcoming winter, sent out an appeal to employees and guests four months ago to deliver both new and used textiles, shoes, jackets and the like at the Pack Safari office or guides.
On 13th June 2017 it was time. Pack Safari Project Manager Stefan Rust handed over four large cartons, filled with donated clothing, to the needy children of the orphanage. At the same time a food donation from the Chamäleon Foundation was delivered.

Pack Safari keeps children warm 2

Together with this opportunity a meeting took place, whereby it was agreed that Ngatuve Vatere and Pack Safari together with other funding partners strive for further years of support work.

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