Namibia - Above and Beyond: 16 Days

A country so vast it is sometimes best seen from the sky, experience Namibia like never before. Travel above and to the rich, contrasting Kalahari, and over the deep, awe-inspiring scar through the landscape, Africa's biggest canyon, the Fish River. Visit Swakopmund, full of German and local history, and home to some of the most dramatic coastal scenery in the world. Spend time in the huge and diverse Etosha National Park, and get to know the big cats better at the Africat foundation, whilst staying at the unique Okonjima lodge.

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Botswana - Fascinating Delta: 9 Days

This exciting trip gives you the opportunity to fully experience this amazing region, and the riverine habitats and flood-plains that occupy vast distances of it. Witness the huge herds of wildlife, and vast flocks of varied birds that stream across the waters of the Okavango. Birding in this area is supremely rewarding, and flying in offers a truly unique view of this world-famous landscape.

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