The adventure of tracking a desert rhino


The adventure of tracking a desert rhino

In the far northwest of Namibia, in the Kunene region, lives the largest black rhino population in the world to have survived outside formally protected parks. Thanks to a close cooperation between private sector, NGOs and local communities, this population has even increased. But how to correctly approach an animal that is very shy in its nature, and easily agitated? When a rhino is aware of tourists watching him, the risk is that he will move away into areas where he encounters poachers.

Dedicated field guides or “trackers” of the Save the Rhino Trust accompany guests on this very special adventure. And there is quite some effort involved: first of all, like all wildlife viewing, you need pure luck, even the trackers that are fully equipped. Apart from that, one needs to take into account the maximum amount of times the same animal can be spotted, the best time of the day, and the ideal distance. Once the black rhino has been spotted, one should not move and stay very quiet… And then, in the evening by the fire, one can truly say, “What an adventure!!”.

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