Pack Safari one of three finalists for Responsible Tourism Awards.

Pack Safari is very proud to be one of the finalists for the Responsible Tourism Awards 2019. Prior to this nomination our company went through an extensive and challenging assessment by EcoAwards and achieved a convincing score of 99%.

At Pack Safari, sustainability is at the core of our business and we believe our success goes hand in hand with the way we treat our environment and people.

By remaining self-critical, we always try to expand our sustainability efforts. Last year we have created the position of Sustainable Tourism Officer, who works full-time on managing social – and environmental projects. This year we have started with our first Tour Guide Academy, where we train 12 Namibian scholars to become contracted tour guides for Pack Safari, and hence contribute to socio-economic development in Namibia. Currently we are looking into opportunities to offset our carbon emissions.

Being nominated as finalist is a great reward for our hard work.

We are looking forward to the announcement of the winner at the Tourism Expo in June.