DRC School Project

We support the Germany-based NGO “Tangeni Shilongo” with their DRC School Project, in the DRC township of Swakopmund. People living in this township often come from the northern part of the country, hoping that the city can offer them employment. However, the reality is that they are unable to find a job, while often facing harsh living conditions, without electricity and flowing water. They do not have the skills to read or write a job application and cannot afford an education for their children.With the DRC School Project, Tangeni Shilongo offers these children free education, giving them back the joy and the future that they deserve. Supporting this goal we have donated a play garden to the school. German volunteers from the Red Cross and paid teachers from Namibia give lessons in all relevant subjects. Besides, a community centre guides and supports people from the township in finding employment, for example by helping in CV writing and computer lessons.