New projects to support wanted

Pack Safari looking for new projects to support

At Pack Safari we believe that the success of our business goes hand in hand with the way we treat our environment and people.

We support socio-economic, cultural and environmental projects throughout our destinations with a focus on empowerment.

Our projects make a difference while at the same time enriching the experience of our guests.

In supporting our projects we aim for longstanding partnerships.

Pack Safari is looking for new projects to support. A project must meet the following quality standards:


– It fits well into one of our itineraries

– Good, regular communication is guaranteed

– Significant support is needed in other ways than cash

– There are no other (large) sponsors

– Meaningful guest interaction is possible

– The level of disturbance is minimal or zero


Please do not respond if a project does not meet these requirements.

We welcome innovative initiatives – please send your ideas to our Projects Officer:

Include in your description:


– Name of project

– Location of project

– Contact person

– Background of project


Thank you!