Pack Safari is an acknowledged sustainable tour operator with a clear mission and vision, allowing us to celebrate the diversity of our cultural and natural heritage with our locals and guests

Our mission

We believe that the success of our business goes hand in hand with the way we treat our environment and people.Therefore environmental integrity, social equity and economic development are integrated into the heart of our business. Being self-critical, we strive for constant improvement and sustainable solutions, serving as an example to the Namibian tourism sector.

Our visions

Sustainable Management: Pack Safari is a desirable and responsible employer, and a leader in engaging and supporting vibrant communities.

Socio-Economic Development: Pack Safari is a viable business with long-term economic operations that create maximal social and economic benefits to the local community

Preservation of Cultural Heritage: Pack Safari deals with local cultures in a respectful manner, conserves their built and living cultural heritage and traditional values, and ensures meaningful intercultural experiences.

Environmental Management and Conservation: Pack Safari measures, manages and minimises its environmental footprint and actively supports the conservation of natural heritage and biodiversity

Pack Safari Sustainability

Where are we now

Pack Safari follows EcoAwards criteria in order to integrate sustainability at all its operational levels. On an office level, we create equal job opportunities for people from all backgrounds and encourage continuous personal and professional growth of our employees. Performance reviews with KPI’s ensure that all employees are receiving social benefits based on personal experience and effort, whereby a bottom-up approach ensures that the employee takes ownership of its own performance. In 2019 we are launching our first Tour Guide Academy, giving people from lower socio-economic classes in Namibia an opportunity to get permanent employment in our company after following a full tour guide course conducted by us.

We have employed a Social Projects Officer who pursues sustainability in all our endeavours by providing information, proposing new initiatives, giving substance to and supervising compliance with our sustainability objectives. For our tour guides we organise weekly tour guide breakfasts in order to exchange knowledge and experience and discuss relevant topics around sustainable and responsible tourism. All our tour guides also sign pledge for responsible guiding, which include for example guidelines for wildlife viewing and intercultural communication. We apply water-, fuel and electricity saving measures in order to minimise water use and CO2 emissions, through innovative technology and a rewarding system for tour guides.

Clients receive a refillable water bottle, waste from the office and from tours is recycled, and we re-use our paper in the office. On a countrywide level we support initiatives that contribute to socio-economic development and conservation of Namibia’s natural resources. We make donations to local schools and orphanages based on their needs and buy from local suppliers where possible. We preferably book local, owner-run establishments for our tours. We visit Living Museums and use local guides whenever possible. We ensure high quality interpretation for our guests of Namibia’s natural and cultural heritage. We support conservation projects through cash donations and ensure animal welfare by excluding excursions such as elephant rides and cheetah walks. Next year we will start engaging in CO2 compensation through letting our guests plant trees.

Pack Safari Sustainability

Eco-Awards and Certifications

EcoAwards Namibia is Namibia’s sustainable tourism certification programme, assessing tourism establishments and operators in Namibia on the extent to which they plan and manage according to eco-friendly principles. Pack Safari was assessed in 2015 and was awarded 5 flowers. Nonetheless we maintain self-critical and always strive for improvement if it comes to sustainability. In 2018 we are re-assessed, of which the results will be published in June 2019 at the Responsible Tourism Awards.

Pack Safari Sustainability